Floating therapy lespa phuket
Floating therapy lespa phuket

Floating Therapy in Phuket

What is Floating Therapy?

Have you ever experienced Floating Therapy in Phuket? If you have, we understand why you are back. And if you haven’t, then, it’s the moment to experience greater relaxation while floating in a private floating pod, The Dreampod Cabin: Zero-Gravity Relaxation at its Finest in a Floating Pod.

Floating Therapy is The Art of Doing Nothing, and, aims at reaching a state of Sensory Deprivation.
Floating therapy is a scientifically proven method of reducing stress, speeding up recovery, and has the potential to rewire your brain. Many find that Floating Therapy is a reliable tool for creating flow. It trains your mind to enter a prolonged Theta state. Normally, monks meditate for years to get here. Theta state gives us access to unconscious material, free association, sudden insight, and creative inspiration.

Choose between a 1 hour or 1.5 hour Floating Therapy 
60 Minutes: 1,190 THB
90 Minutes: 1,590 THB 

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How does Floating Therapy work?

Spending an hour in your Dreampod Cabin, private floating pod, creates a womb-like cocoon around you. Here, you are free from mental stimulation and physical strain.
Your mind easily enters a meditative state, and your body recovers rapidly from aches, injuries, and stress.


Keep reading about the steps for a rewarding Floating Therapy experience. Follow our spa therapists’ recommendations for your upcoming Floating Journey.

The Floating Journey

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Floating Therapy Guide

What to prepare for your Floating Journey?

Here you will find some Questions and Answers about your upcoming Floating Therapy experience, such as what to bring or some health condition queries. However, you can always contact LeSpa by Stay  for more questions!

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Questions & Answers

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The Magic of Epsom Salt

It’s not just the secret ingredient to being weightless in the floating pod; Epsom salt benefits your health in many ways.

This natural mineral replenishes your magnesium levels; reducing inflammation, relieving headaches, and flushing toxins.

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History of Floatation

Back in the 1950s, this question motivated neuroscientist, Dr. John C Lilly, to create the first “floating pod” or “floating tank”. He wanted to find out if the brain was self-maintaining or required external stimulation to stay conscious.

Dr. Lilly soon discovered that in the absence of sensory input (Sensory Deprivation), his mind and central nervous system functioned in unexpected and beneficial ways. On top of that, he experienced a most profound relaxation and rest.