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Yoga In Phuket
Om Studio

Let our Yoga instructors bring your body and mind to ultimate relaxation with Hatha Yoga and Hatha Vinyasa Flow classes. Guests at STAY Phuket Resort will have complimentary access to our Yoga classes two times a day (excluding Sunday), located on property at the 3rd floor of the STAYFIT gym.

Yoga In Phuket  <br>  Om Studio : STAY Wellbeing & Lifestyle Resort
Hatha Yoga

When we practice yoga we ground and increase flexibility, strength and stamina on the mat. This awareness and discipline extends into our life.

Hatha yoga uses breath awareness [pranayama] to guide the body into positions [asanas] and then move more deeply into them. Asana can be translated as the seat of the pose. In life there are so many distractions and we often spend our time rushing from one activity or errand to the next. Never taking time to just be.

Relaxation is essential to the well being of the body and the mind. In yoga we learn techniques to get rid of the busyness in the body and still the mind so we can experience a deeper sense of calm.

Yoga Class Schedule

Yoga In Phuket  <br>  Om Studio : STAY Wellbeing & Lifestyle Resort
Hatha Vinyasa Flow

In contrast to HATHA YOGA where positions are held for more lengthily periods of time in our Vinyasa classes you will experience a natural free flowing yoga session where the breath is used to transition from one position [asana] to the next.

This class can often include sun or moon salutations and other various sequences that help to release energy blockages and create a greater equilibrium within the energy and physical body.

Yoga Class Schedule

Yoga In Phuket  <br>  Om Studio : Group Yoga Classes
Group Class Prices

STAYFIT’s instructors are among the best in their field. It is this experience that allows them to create dynamic & inclusive classes that cater to each guests needs while providing a fun and social workout environment. Our trainers have years of experience in working with people from all fitness levels, rest assured that your unique requirements will be taken into consideration by our world class trainers, making the STAYFIT fitness center truly the best gym in Phuket.

1 Class – 500 THB
3 Classes – 1,350 THB
5 Classes – 2,000 THB
10 Classes – 3,000 THB

Private yoga classes are available for

1,800 THB 900 THB per class.

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